Quick guide to getting started.

Welcome to the digital healthcare world where medical professionals and their patients can connect easily with each other on a simple, hassle-free platform.

User-friendly uConsult™ process

Three easy steps for healthcare providers

Step 1: Sign up

  • Valid PCNS / Practice Number registered with BHF
  • Valid HPCSA Number registered with the Health Professions Council
  • Verify email and mobile number
  • Upload a copy of your ID

Step 2: Set up your practice

  • Choose your own consulting hours
  • Invite your practice administrator
  • Set up your services, add your bio and your rates

Step 3: Invite your patients

  • Provide a list of all the patients registered at your practice
  • We will invite your patients to register for uConsult™ and book online appointments
  • You can also invite your patients individually

User-friendly uConsult™ process

Three easy steps for patients

Step 1: Sign up

  • Upload a copy of your ID
  • Upload a copy of your Medical Aid Card (if applicable)
  • Add your dependants (if applicable)

Step 2: Book your appointment

  • Search for your healthcare provider or invite them to join the platform
  • Book your time slot
  • Select your payment method
  • Receive your appointment reminder

Step 3: See your health provider online

  • Click on ‘Start consultation’ to begin your virtual consultation
  • If further testing or prescriptions are required, your doctor will email you the relevant documents

Simple, convenient virtual healthcare consultations.

Healthcare Providers


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